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It all starts back in 2009 when Google launched the familiar URL shortener that we used to share our own links. In addition to that, it was beneficial while measuring the website traffic. However, Google announced that it is going stop working soon as they are launching an alternative the Firebase Dynamic Links “FDL”.

Well, as deep links had many issues such as that the same deep link may work on iOS and not in android and vice versa. Also, if the user didn’t have your app installed, the deep link may not work at all. So, the Firebase Dynamic Links “FDL” was the perfect solution for such issues as it is smart dynamic links that work the way you want it to.

Features of Firebase Dynamic Links “FDL”:

  • It works appropriately through iOS, Android and desktop browsers. Furthermore, the user who clicks on a dynamic link on iOS, Android or desktop platform they will be directed to a link that behaves differently according to the used platform,
  • If the user did not have your app installed on their phone, the dynamic link will take them in either your website or to the app store.

How to Get Benefit from Using the Firebase Dynamic Links “FDL”?

  • The great news that you can use it in your marketing campaigns,
  • You can also use the firebase dynamic links to install an attribution tracking which enables you to know which platform works better for you,
  • Also, depending on the content of your campaign, the users will be taken to a page that shows a content that tackles the same campaign purpose, what gives them the best user experience,
  • Another great benefit is the user-to-user sharing feature; so, even if the one who receives the link –shared by their friend- does not have your app installed, they still can reach the content their friend wanted to share. However, they may be directed to the app store first but as soon as they have your app installed, they will be able to view that content whatever the platform they are using.

The below screenshot shows Google’s announcement regarding the firebase dynamic links: