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Facebook campaigns are one of the best ways of marketing which is featured by numerous features such as: the ability to target your audience by their location, defining the time of ad appearance, limiting the budget, in addition to the ability to edit the campaign any time.

So, if you want to create a Facebook campaign you need to choose your objective and there are various types of objectives which we’re going to tackle below:

Types of Ad Campaign Objectives:

  • Post Engagement:

Post engagement is one of best Facebook campaign objectives that is used to boost a specific post in your page in order to increase the sales of a new product or service by increasing the engagement and the brand awareness.

  • Video Views:

Video views objective is one of the most important objectives in creating a Facebook campaign as videos are one of the best ways of marketing what enables you to make tutorials that tackle a specific product or service in your company

  •   Page Likes:

This type of Facebook campaigns aims to increase the brand awareness and therefore increase the page like.

How to Create a Facebook Campaign?

To create a successful Facebook campaign you need to define:

  • The ad objective,
  • The target audience,
  • The target location,
  • The target age group,
  • The customers gender: men or women,
  • The used language,
  • The placement (Facebook, Instagram or messenger).

Also, the most important step in creating Facebook campaign is to target your audience by interest. So, be careful when choosing your target audience interest in order to reach the right audience.


It’s critical to add a (call to action). Also, you need to monitor the campaign continuously and answer the customers’ inquiries quickly.

Finally, please don’t breakFacebook policies to avoid deactivating your ad account or your Facebook account.

Above, ICONS has tackled how to create a Facebook campaign. You can also check the different types of Facebook ads objectives.