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New Features of Adobe Photoshop 2018

Posted On November 13, 2017

As we’ve tackled the New Features of Adobe Illustrator 2018, today ICONS will talk more about the new features of Adobe Illustrator 2018.

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New Features of Adobe Illustrator 2018

Posted On November 06, 2017

In this article, ICONS tackles the new features of Adobe Illustrator 2018 and in the following articles we will tackle the features of Adobe software 2018 versions.


Influences Marketing: A New Trend in Digital Marketing

Posted On October 12, 2017

Lately, the online digital marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc started to have a more powerful impact on the audience than the traditional marketing channels such as television, radio, etc.


Google Logo: Is It Geometrically Wrong or Optically Stabilized?

Posted On October 08, 2017

Lately, many professional graphic designers have announced that there is a mistake in the “G” monogram of Google new logo. What did they discover? The “G” doesn’t fit into a circle in a geometrically perfect way.


Best Marketing Books

Posted On September 28, 2017

“Marketing” is too essential and what is more vital is to follow up with the new and learn from experts. Today, ICONS will tell you the important books that will help you in the marketing field and the digital one in particular


Google Launches 19 Games to Celebrate its 19th Birthday

Posted On September 27, 2017

Wednesday the 27th of September 2017 “Google” the biggest search engine all over the world celebrated its 19th birthday by launching a spinner that you can click on and it’ll randomly stop in one of the 19 games to let you try it.


Five Types of Logos that you Need to Know

Posted On September 20, 2017

If you own a company and need to create a logo for your business then you first need to define which logo design fits you better and that’s why Icons is providing this article which tackles the logo five different kinds.


How to deal with Clients as a Graphic Designer?

Posted On September 15, 2017

If you are a graphic designer, you of course deal with different clients that everyone of them has his own character which consequently affect how they deal with you. So, iCONS will tell you how to deal with such different clients.


Go for Visual Social Media Strategy

Posted On August 24, 2017

As we tackled before the importance of visual aids especially Infographics, today we are going to tackle how to go visual while creating social media strategy.


10 Big Brands that Redesigned their Logos

Posted On August 20, 2017

Brands tend to change their logos due to a number of reasons. For instance, it might be outdated, the font type, the colors, and shapes might be old-fashioned. So, it’s ok to change your business’ logo in order to keep up with the trend.


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