Spread Brand Awareness via Facebook Marketplace

Posted On February 14, 2018

Recently, Facebook has revealed a new ad feature that might make it a great competitor for Amazon, it’s “Facebook Marketplace”. How does it work? And how your business can benefit from such new feature? Here, ICONS is going to tackle these details.

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Buyer Persona vs Target Audience

Posted On February 05, 2018

Defining the buyer persona before running the campaign -even if the budget was less than normal- will definitely help you to reach the audience that is looking for your product or service to buy.


Negative Keywords Can Save You Money

Posted On January 10, 2018

Negative keywords are simply the keywords that are not relevant to your campaign. So, excluding such keywords from your ads will prevent your “not target” audience from seeing your ad and thus they won't click on it and cost you money in vain.


Affiliate Marketing is another Way of Digital Marketing

Posted On January 04, 2018

Have you ever considered Affiliate Marketing before? Well, it’s really a profitable way of marketing –in case you do it right- and that’s why ICONS is tackling it here in the following lines.


5 Tips for Creating Viral Content

Posted On December 10, 2017

It’s Viral Content that can increase the reach and engagement of your posts and thus increase your business profit and it’s called Viral as it spreads over different social channels as the virus does to software.

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New Features of Adobe Photoshop 2018

Posted On November 13, 2017

As we’ve tackled the New Features of Adobe Illustrator 2018, today ICONS will talk more about the new features of Adobe Illustrator 2018.

ai 2018 blog-01.jpg

New Features of Adobe Illustrator 2018

Posted On November 06, 2017

In this article, ICONS tackles the new features of Adobe Illustrator 2018 and in the following articles we will tackle the features of Adobe software 2018 versions.


Influences Marketing: A New Trend in Digital Marketing

Posted On October 12, 2017

Lately, the online digital marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc started to have a more powerful impact on the audience than the traditional marketing channels such as television, radio, etc.


Google Logo: Is It Geometrically Wrong or Optically Stabilized?

Posted On October 08, 2017

Lately, many professional graphic designers have announced that there is a mistake in the “G” monogram of Google new logo. What did they discover? The “G” doesn’t fit into a circle in a geometrically perfect way.


Best Marketing Books

Posted On September 28, 2017

“Marketing” is too essential and what is more vital is to follow up with the new and learn from experts. Today, ICONS will tell you the important books that will help you in the marketing field and the digital one in particular


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